BPSK mit dem Elecraft KX3, Fldigi und dem MacBook Air Teil 2

Der 2. Teil der Fldigi Reihe ist da!

Viel Spaß beim ansehen!


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  1. IZ2YWI
    IZ2YWI sagte:

    I would buy a Macbook AIR… is the 1,4GHz i5 processor enough for ham use?
    Did you have found any problems using the AIR?


  2. Michael
    Michael sagte:

    Hi Marco,

    congratulations to your decision for a MacBook Air.
    I think the i5 processor is enough for ham radio applications.

    I don’t have any problems at all with the macbook. I recommend to use an FTDI based seriell to usb adaptor if you need one.

    For logging have a look at Rumlog on the webpage of DL2RUM. Rumlog also works together with FLDIGI wich you can use for digital modes.

    Please let me know how the macbook works.

    73 de
    Michael, DL2YMR

  3. IZ2YWI
    IZ2YWI sagte:

    Thanks Michael for the reply.
    Now i’m testing some Ham programs on my girlfriend’s Macbook Pro (that has a quite better processor) but i wanne buy the little and featherweight Air.
    When i will go to take mine to the Apple Store, I will ask him about the USB to Serial cable that I’m not able to configure.

    Thanks again.
    73 Marco

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