Elecraft KX3 beta Firmware 1.50


KX3 Beta Firmware Revision

MCU 1.50 / DSP 1.21, May 24, 2013

Please read KX3 Beta Firmware Instructions for installing beta firmware.
Only the current production firmware releases can be downloaded by KX3 Utility automatically.

  • IMPROVED SSB TALK POWER (CMP): Our new speech compression algorithm provides a significant improvement in average talk power (or “punch”).

      (1) Set CMP = 0.
      (2) Start with MIC gain = 0. While speaking close-mic’ed in your “on-air” voice, increase MIC gain until the ALC meter tickles the 5th bar.
      (3) While monitoring your voice with the KX3’s voice MONintor, advance CMP to the desired level. The transmitted signal will still be clean even at the maximum compression setting.


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