K7HV arbeitet DXCC in QRP…

…was ja noch nichts besonderes ist.

Das Besondere an K7HV alias John Parnell ist, dass er jedes QSO für dieses DXCC gefilmt und auf Youtube gestellt hat.

Er arbeitet CW und sogar auch SSB mit meistens 3 Watt.

Hier kann man wirklich mal sehen, dass QRP Betrieb sehr erfolgreich und nicht so deprimierend ist, wie viele behaupten.

Schaut Euch mal ein paar seiner Videos an, wie locker er die DXCCs einsackt.

Hier ist der Link zu seinem Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL677A093C75EB5C55&feature=plcp

Und hier eines seiner Videos (Australien mit 4 Watt):


Ich habe John heute per e-Mail kontaktiert und ihm für seine Videos gedankt. Er hat mir folgende Antwort per Mail mit ein paar guten QRP-Tips gesendet:

Hello Michael,

You are certainly welcome to do whatever you want with my QRP youtube
playlist. It was quite a bit of fun chasing countries with the web cam
running; if the truth be known there was probably an average of a half hour
of calling for each contact; I would stop and start the webcam after a few
minutes and sometimes edit the length of the completed video
Please note that in 80 of these 130 contacts, I was using SSB – most of
those with an 70’s vintage TenTec Argonaut 509. Many QRP „experts“ I have
seen on the QRP internet lists tell QRP newcomers that QRP SSB is „too
difficult“ and that CW is a better way to go – this is not so in my
experience. My plan is to split the playlists into SSB and CW portions to
encourage both modes. Just because someone does not know the Code, doesn’t
mean they can’t enjoy operating QRP.
As I commented in the playlist: the most important factor in working QRP
DX is choosing a time when the DX signal is peaking. You will notice that
almost all of the other stations are quite loud. I also have had good luck
operating at the end of contests when the BIG contest stations with Giant
Antennas are hungry for new stations to log… Sunday afternoon of the CQWW
and ARRL DX contest is a great time.
Anyway, thanks for sharing my playlist- My wife spent 3 years in Spire,
Germany as a glass apprentice and is fluent in German, so I will have her
translate (she is more fun than Google, hi hi)

VY 73, Michael!

-John, K7HV/qrp

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