Neue Beta Firmware für den KX3 von Elecraft

Elecraft hat eine neue Beta Firmware für den KX3 online gestellt.

Neben verschiedenen Verbesserungen finde ich die Option „Fast Message Play“ sehr interessant.

Durch drücken und halten der MSG Taste (länger als 3 Sekunden) versetze ich den KX3 in den Fast Message Mode. Das bedeutet, dass die Tasten BAND+, BAND-, und FREQ_ENT jetzt anders belegt sind. Die Tasten können nun zum Wiedergeben der Messagespeicher 1, 2 und 3 verwendet werden und zwar ohne vorher die MSG Taste zu betätigen. Das ist im Betrieb wirklich erleichternd, man muss eben immer nur eine Taste drücken, statt einer Tastenkombination.

Hier zeigt sich wieder der große Vorteil der Weiterentwicklung des Gerätes über die Firmware; sehr gut!

Hier noch die weiteren Optionen der neuen Firmware 2.12

KX3 Beta Firmware Revision

MCU 2.12 / DSP 1.30, 7-11-2014

Please read KX3 Beta Firmware Instructions for installing beta firmware.
Only the current production firmware releases can be downloaded by KX3 Utility automatically.

  • 40-METER TRANSMIT IMPROVEMENT: The 40-m band-pass filter was being bypassed in transmit mode, due to a change in rev. 1.94 that allowed MARS operation from 8.5-9 MHz. This resulted in reduced suppression of narrowband 40-meter transmit images, most notably in FSK-D mode. (The low-pass filter setting was correct, though, which made this error hard to detect. Wideband spurious suppression specs were met.)
  • FAST MESSAGE PLAY: A long-hold of MSG (~3 sec) puts the KX3 into FAST PLAY mode. In this mode, the BAND+, BAND-, and FREQ_ENT switches can be used to play/repeat messages 1, 2, and 3 immediately, without the need to first tap MSG. To turn off fast play, hold MSG for ~3 seconds again, or turn the KX3 off and back on. Notes: (1) In voice modes (using the built-in DVR), only messages 1 and 2 are available, corresponding to BAND+ and BAND- in fast-play. (2) At present, message chaining is only available in CW modes (with both normal and fast-play).
  • KX3-4M POWER CONTROL: Scaled drive level to match slightly higher gain of 4-meter unit vs. 2 meters.
  • KX3-to-KXPA100 SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS IMPROVED: Added better syntax checking.
  • MORE ACCUTATE KXPA100 “TUNE” POWER OUTPUT (PA ALC): More accurate control of the KXPA100’s power output during TUNE from the KX3 (PA ALC) now applies up to 70 W (60 W on 6 meters). Above this point, KXPA100 drive is still estimated based on the 75-W factory calibration. This prevents accidental overdrive in conditions sometimes found during full-power portable or mobile operation, such as high SWR, high current, etc. NOTES: (1) To disable PA ALC, locate MENU:PA MODE, then tap ‘1’ (PRE) until you see “PA ALC-”. (2) PA ALC only applies during TUNE, not during normal transmit. Also, if you change bands or adjust PWR, and want to fine-tune the KXPA100’s power output again, you’ll need to do another TUNE. (3) PA ALC does not apply if TUN PWR is in effect, since its limit is 10 W, bypassing the amp.
  • KXPA100 TRANSIENT FAULT DISPLAY: Common KXPA100 faults requiring operator notification, such as high SWR, are always reported on the KX3’s display. Transient faults such as serial port errors are normally not displayed, since they rarely impact operation. For diagnostic purposes, such faults can now be displayed as “FAULT nnn” where nnn is a 3-digit number originating from the KXPA100. To enable this mode, go into the KX3’s PA MODE menu entry and tap ‘6’ (DLY) until you see “XFAULT+”.
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