Neue KX3 Firmware 1.44 beta und K3 Firmware 4.66 beta

KX3 Firmware Update

KX3 Firmware Update

Auf der Seite von Elecraft steht die neue Beta Firmware 1.44 für den KX3 und 4.66 für den K3 zum download bereit.

KX3 Beta Firmware Revision

MCU 1.44 / DSP 1.16, April 24, 2013

Please read KX3 Beta Firmware Instructions for installing beta firmware.
Only the current production firmware releases can be downloaded by KX3 Utility automatically.

  • NOISE REDUCTION (NR) EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The overall level of noise reduction can now be set using the knob above the NR switch (AF/RF-SQL). When NR is turned on, the present setting will be displayed on VFO B for about 2 seconds. To select a new setting, rotate the knob before the displayed setting times out. The setting is independent for CW and voice modes. Note: The range of this parameter is 0-10 and corresponds to the “mix” or “M” parameter of the RX NR menu entry; see below.
  • RX NR MENU ENTRY CHANGES: The RX NR menu entry can be used to adjust all three NR parameters (B=beta, D=decay, M=wet/dry mix). The M parameter now has a range of 0-10, matching the range available when the knob above the NR switch is used (see above). As before, all parameters can be adjusted separately for CW and voice modes. In most cases the factory default settings can be used for beta and decay, and the mix adjusted for the desired overall amount of NR using the knob (without using the menu). You can also now reset all NR parameters to factory defaults by holding CLR.
  • DVR PLAY/REPEAT FIX: DVR play no longer drops messages.
  • AF GAIN SMOOTHER AT LOW END: The AF gain control now has finer granularity at the low end. To accommodate this , the gain range is now 0-60 (was 0-40).
  • INTERNAL SPEAKER BEHAVIOR IMPROVED:  (1) Fixed bug that caused audio output mute/unmute cycling on strong signals. (2) Gain distribution changed to reduce speaker overdrive condition related to CODEC output. (3) Audio EQ optimized for speaker.
  • NEW LED BRT MENU ENTRY: Applies to the TX, delta F, OFS, and VFO B LEDS (not the LCD backlight). Allows brightness of these LEDs to be adjusted, but only in the case where the LCD backlight is off. During adjustment of LED brightness, the LCD backlight will automatically be turned off if it was on, then turned back on when the menu is exited.
  • NO SSB RX SIGNAL ATTENUATION WHEN BW < 2.4 KHz: Previously, adjusting the bandwidth below approx. 2.4 kHz might result in up to several dB of received signal loss. 2.4 kHz is the bandwidth at which the receiver switches from conventional SSB demodulation to “Weaver” method to take advantage of filter FL2 on the KXFL3 roofing filter module.
  • NEW FEATURE–SWITCH MACROS: You can now program the PF1 and PF2 switches to execute sequences of KX3 remote control , or “macros.” These are created, tested, and sent to the KX3 using KX3 Utility. The K3/KX3 Programmer’s Reference has a number of sample macros and further details.


Beta K3 Firmware Revisions

MCU 4.66 / DSP 2.81, 03/22/2013

See K3 Beta Firmware Instruction for information on obtaining beta releases.
Beta releases are not automatically recognized by the K3 Utility.

  • FSK-D KEYING BANDWIDTH GREATLY REDUCED: This change reduces the amplitude of the FSK-D keying sidebands by 25-30 dB at a 500-Hz offset, giving the K3 one of the cleanest FSK signals available.

  • K3/0 (REMOTE-RIG) IMPROVEMENTS: (1) VFO lock works correctly; (2) TX LED no longer gets out of sync.


  • RIT AND XIT NO LONGER TURNED OFF UNINTENTIONALLY: In previous releases, changing bands via direct frequency entry (FREQ ENT) or remote-control band change commands (FA, FB, and BN) would turn off RIT and XIT. This was true even if CONFIG:SPLT SV was set to YES.


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