Neue Beta 3.0 für den Perseus

Nico Palermo hat heute die neue Beta Version 3.0 für den Perseus veröffentlicht.

Bin gerade am testen….

Hier die Änderungen aus den Release Notes:

  • Windows Taskbar and Keyboard Shortcut fixes – Closing the Perseus executable with the Alt-F4 keyboard shortcut is now working as expected. While the software is running, clicking on the Perseus Windows Taskbar Icon allows window minimizing (hiding the main window in the Taskbar) and maximizing (restoring the main window view).
  • Graphics behaviour – Graphic updates management was reviewed to obtain better performance; S-Meter panel view updates were also addressed for issues reported with low-end systems.
  • New Vectorial Noise Blanker – A new Noise Blanker mode was added. It is meant to be used only in AM or CW. It is based on vectorial analysis and processing, thus its button name on the main Perseus window is “NBV”.
  • Signal processing stages – Signal processing stages were rewritten to obtain a smoother performance when switching among the available filter bandwidths (50 kHz, 25 kHz, …, 0.8 kHz).
  • New CI-V commands – As described in the “CI-V Interface-EN01.pdf”, commands were added to allow better control of the Perseus software through the CAT interface. The following sliders/controls can now be set by CAT commands: audio output volume, NB, NR, AGC, CW Peak and Auto Notch filters. Moreover, commands for setting the pass band filter edges and retrieving the current software versions and receiver serial number were added. For further details, please refer to the “CI-V Interface-EN01.pdf” file.

Hier der Downloadlink.