Elecraft P3 Firmware update 0.40

Habe heute die Firmware des P3 auf die Version 0.40 upgedatet. Lief alles ohne Probleme:

Hier die bearbeiteten Optionen seit der Version 0.36:

New Firmware Information

MCU 00.40 / 10-19-2010

* Fixed display glitches caused by RS-232 traffic at certain spans.

MCU 00.39 / 10-18-2010

* Added new MENU functions to zero MKR A and MKR B.

* VFO B cursor width is correct if VFO A and VFO B use different modes.

* Frequency-axis tic marks move when changing RIT frequency.

* K3 commands with long responses work correctly at 4800 baud.

MCU 00.38 / 10-1-2010

* Several MENU items are now toggle functions that can be changed with a key press.

* Added a digit to the center frequency display (10 Hz resolution).

* Better resolution of the frequency-axis tic marks.

MCU 00.37 / 9-23-2010

* K3 firmware can be updated without turning off the P3.

* Preset spans may be assigned to FN keys using the MENU selection Span Set.

* Peak and freeze functions toggle properly from the MENU.

* The waterfall is restored when returning from the display test.